Bob Heirman Wildlife Preserve at Thomas' Eddy

If you just need some quiet time in nature and are not looking for a big workout, this little walk will be perfect. There is good access to the Snohomish River where you can find a place to throw a line in the water plus some good birding opportunities near the small lakes.

getting there

Head south on Highway 9 from Snohomish. Cross the Snohomish Valley and just before heading up the hill, turn left onto Broadway Avenue. The sign will be marked for Lowell Larimer to the right, Broadway to the left. In 0.8 miles take a left onto Connelly Road. In another 0.8 miles there will be a sign for the preserve on your left, you will turn left into the parking lot. There is space for 14 cars, plus 2 disabled spots and a Porta Potty. There are a few picnic tables located in the grass by the parking lot. No dogs are allowed in the preserve.

on the trail

The trail starts as an old gravel road heading downhill toward the river. As you reach the bottom of the little hill, spy Shadow Lake on your left through the trees. Follow one of the paths through the grass to a better view. On your way, look to your left; there is a small seasonal waterfall coming off the hill by the parking lot. If the mud is not too deep or the water too high, you can do some exploring along the grassy shore of the lake.
This is a good place for birding both in summer and winter. Bring your binoculars and see how many species of ducks you can spot. In the winter you may see swans here too. They are larger and can be identified by their black beak and long graceful neck. Look for herons hanging out in the shallow, muddy areas along the shore. You also may see an eagle hunting overhead.
Head back to the main trail. There is another small marshy lake to the right, but it is swampy and harder to reach. That's OK, this is a wildlife preserve and these wet meadows are set aside for wildlife, not us humans. Continue on the path through the grass. In the summer months it is harder to see over the high grass, but in the winter the views are better, out toward Lord Hill and down the river valley.
At the end of the meadow is a wooded area and a dike before you reach the river. The main trail leads to the left, but there are many little fishermen's paths to the right leading to prime steelhead fishing in season. In fact, the Snohomish Sportsmen's Association led the campaign to save this area from encroaching development and  preserve the public access to the river. The preserve is named for Bob Heirman one of the members that spearheaded the effort. Go ahead and wander along the dike here, but if someone's fishing, don't scare the fish away. Turn to the left and follow the main trail as it leads through a wooded area over the dike  and heads to a gravel bar along the river. You may have to climb over a few logs to get there, but the trail is easy to follow. Once out on the gravel, you are at Thomas Eddy, a series of sharp hairpin turns in the river.

  • Difficulty: Easy, Easy
  • Length: 2.0 mi
  • Elevation Gain: 100 ft
14913 Connelly Rd, Snohomish, 98290
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