Big Craggy & West Craggy Peaks

Explore beautiful jagged and "craggy" peaks in the Paysayten Wilderness. You'll travel a moderate 12 miles and gain 5,800 feet of elevation scrambling Big Craggy and West Craggy peaks.

Driving Directions

Drive State Route 20 over the North Cascades to Winthrop and turn toward the Range Station on the Chewuch Road. Continue on this road for 9.7 miles. Turn left on road Forest Road 5130, and drive 12.3 miles to the Copper Glance trailhead, elevation 3,810 ft.

Approach & ascent

Hike the Copper Glance trail. At about 5,900 ft leave the trail and head up the southeast ridge of Big Craggy. At 7,800 ft it gets steeper and the scree is a little hard to ascend, continue up the scree slope to the summit. Descend to the saddle at 7, 600 ft between Big Craggy and West Craggy, then to just west of the gendarme on the east ridge of West Craggy at about 7,450 ft. Contour to a gully that appears to go almost to the high point on the ridge and ascend the gully. At the top, follow scree slope to the summit. Almost any route goes from the basin SSE of the summit of West Craggy. Some routes have more loose scree than others which makes forward progress difficult. The scree slopes make a good down route.

Alternate to Big Craggy Peak: Hike the trail to a small lake at 6,180 ft. Leave the trail and head up the valley on the left side in the light brushy terrain. At 6,550 ft, head north to the saddle at 7,650 ft.  Then follow the west ridge to the summit.


  • There is a good camping spot at Copper Glance Lake for 3-4 tents.
  • You can scramble both Big Craggy Peak and West Craggy in one long day with car camp the night before.
  • The scree up the southeast slope of Big Craggy has some rock fall danger the last 500 ft. The lichen is very slippery if wet for part of the west ridge.
  • Suitable Activities: Scrambling
  • Seasons: July, August, September, October
  • Weather: View weather forecast
  • Difficulty: Technical 3, Strenuous 5
  • Length: 12.0 mi
  • Elevation Gain: 5,800 ft
  • 8,470 ft
  • USGS Billy Goat Mountain
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