Sauk River: White Chuck River to Darrington


Whitewater Packraft - Sauk River: White Chuck River to Darrington

Pre-trip skills practice for those going on the S Fork Nahanni River later this summer.

  • Class III+ River
  • Challenging
  • Mileage: 10.5 mi
  • Maximum Wind: 25 kts
  • Maximum Waves: 5 ft

Our actual river section will depend on flow rates.  Expect a 9:30 meeting time.  Somewhere between the Seattle and Sauk.

This is our opportunity to do some pre-trip practice with each other

  • Everyone paddle together.  Meet everyone
  • Paddle 3rd class bolder gardens with some weight in our boats
  • Keep in practice.

Potential routes are:

  • Sauk from Whitechuck
  • Sauk from Bedal
  • Silly Stilly
  • Green lower gorge
  • N Fork Nooksack
  • Skykomish S Bends rapids

Bring about 40 lbs of extra weight.  Best if this is in the form of medium density that can be spread through out the boat so that the distribution is similar to what we will be paddling with on the trip.

This trip is primarily for those going on the Nahanni trip later this summer.  If you aspire to do trips like this and feel prepared to paddle 3rd class, ask permission to join.


Sauk River: White Chuck River to Darrington

Required Equipment

Required Equipment

Minimum Equipment for each participant 

  • Packraft, with grab lines on bow and stern
  • Paddle, sized for a packraft
  • Life jacket, PFD Class III or better
  • Whitewater helmet
  • Drysuit or thick wetsuit
  • Closed-toe shoes, no sandals
  • Spare clothing
  • Boat repair kit
  • Waterproof Whistle
  • Minimum Equipment for the party

Minimum Equipment for the party 

  • Rescue rope and throw bag, one or more as needed for the trip 
  • Spare paddle, one or more
  • First Aid kit
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