Urban Walk - Sammamish River Trail


Urban Walk - Sammamish River Trail

Beginning at the historical Bothell Landing Park, we will cross a bridge and head NE on the scenic Sammamish River trail with a turnaround point at Woodinville's Wilmot Gateway Park. This is a mentored urban walk trip.

  • Easy
  • Easy
  • Mileage: 4.4 mi
  • Elevation Gain: 125 ft
  • Pace: 1.5 - 2.5

Bothell Landing Park - Parking Lot Coordinates: 47.75824, -122.20870

Main parking lot holds about 20 cars. Additional parking on a graveled lot is located there as well. No parking pass required. Restroom available.

Meeting time: 10 AM

Please arrive early enough to be ready to convene right at 10 am. We will gather in front of the bathrooms.

This urban walk will begin at the Bothell Landing Park, where we will cross the bridge and head northeast on the scenic Sammamish River Trail with our destination and turn around point at Woodinville's Wilmot Gateway Park. There are restrooms there should we need a little break before returning to the cars.

Upon returning to the Bothell Landing Park, we will visit three historical buildings: The Beckstrom cabin, the schoolhouse and the main museum in the Hannan House, which was brought to the park in 1978. The museum is free of charge.

This walk is just a touch over 4 miles, with 125 feet of nominal elevation gain. After visiting the historical buildings, and for those who wish to join me, we will cross Bothell Way and head to the neighborhood coffee shop, The Daily Grind, for a beverage and social time.

The Sammamish River trail is fully paved, and shared with bicyclists, skateboarders and runners. I am recovering from a knee injury, so I will keep a slower pace within the 1.5 - 2.5 mph.

This is my mentored urban walk trip, generously mentored by Kelley Chaddock.


  •  To enjoy a morning walk to Wilmot Gateway Park and back.
  • Foster community and belonging.
  • Lead and learn in a collaborative spirit.
  • Foster compassion, understanding and curiosity with one another, and in nature.
  • Have fun, be safe and enjoy one another's company.


  • Commitment to arrive on time, prepared and ready to be social and enjoy the hike.
  • Commitment to communicate with me for any concerns and/or questions before and during the trip.
  • Commitment to having fun.
  • The group will stay together. 


  • Through actions and words, I lead through an inclusive lens.
  • I foster community within the group.
  • I lead a slower to moderate pace, allowing for flexibility between the two, and adjust accordingly.
  • More to come in the 'hello walker' email that will be sent out a week before the trip.

Sammamish River Trail

Required Equipment

Required Equipment

Water, snacks, appropriate outerwear, and sturdy shoes.

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