Mountaineers Seattle Program Center


Stewardship Half Day - Mountaineers Seattle Program Center

Come join us beautifying the green spaces around the Seattle Program Center. We will be weeding, pruning, and mulching. It's an easy half day from 8:30am-11:30am.

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We will meet in the lobby of the program center at 8:30am.

Expect to get a little dirty, so wear appropriate clothing. No experience necessary. It will be simple weeding, pruning, and spreading arborist chips. We will go over what to weed before we start. If you have gardening gloves, please bring them. I have a limited supply of gloves and hand tools. Please bring hand spade, trowel, pruning shears, and/or loppers if you have any of these. If we have a big group, more tools are better. Bring a water bottle and clothing appropriate for the weather.


Mountaineers Seattle Program Center

Required Equipment

Required Equipment

Nothing required, but if you have hand tools for gardening, please bring them. We use trowels, hori hori knives (Japanese style trowel), pruning shears, loppers. I have the bigger digging tools, like shovels and rakes, if needed. It is recommended you bring gardening gloves, but I do have a limited supply of hand tools and gardening gloves.

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