Naturalist Trip - Squaxin Park


Naturalist Trip - Squaxin Park

It's Spider Time! Come on this Family focused spider hunt to identify as many different types of spiders in as many different micro-habitats as possible. You will be amazed at how many shapes and sizes and forms our NW spiders come in. Good for spider lovers and those who are not so sure they think spiders are cool. They will think so after this trip! More a wander than a hike!

  • Easy/Moderate
  • Casual
  • Mileage: 1.0

 Meet at Squaxin Park at 1:00pm and plan to be done by 4:00.  Exact meeting location to be announced.

We will start our adventure with a 15 minute lesson on spiders before spreading out as a group to explore different regions of the park to see what spiders might live there.  We will focus on discovery, but also learn different body types, food, and web types of the spiders we discover.

Loops will be provided.  Fun to bring a camera with a close up as we will share photos after the class.

A special Spider Snack will be provided between habitat exploration.

This hike is good for 5 through teenager.

Required Equipment

Required Equipment

Family Essentials including Family first aid kit, water, spare food, spare clothing.

Each participant should have a pack with waist strap with basic essentials.

We will provide loops for close up viewing of spiders but feel free to bring magnifying glasses or related tools.

Dress for the weather---because this is a ramble we will not be generating heat, so dress warmly.

We will cancel if it is raining more than a light sprinkle.

A great website to explore ahead of time is this:

Parents and older kids might want to participate in the Online Classroom Spider Class on September 26 from 7:30-9:00pm.

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