Day Hike - Woodard Bay


Day Hike - Woodard Bay

Join us on the annual Family Bat Hike at Woodard Bay. Walk past the cormorant colonies and arrive at Bat headquarters with enough time to read about our bats and drink hot cocoa before the bats begin to emerge from their roosts. This hike is for families and ALL ADULTS MUST BE REGISTERED WITH A CHILD.

  • Easy
  • Easy
  • Mileage: 3.0 mi
  • Elevation Gain: 50 ft

Meet at the Woodard Bay parking lot (the one on the water) at 7:30pm with a Discover Pass.  We should be back at the parking lot by 10:00pm.

We will begin our trip walking up the closed road and taking a stop to look at the noisy smelly baby-filled cormorant colony across the water.

Bring binoculars or borrow some of ours!

We will arrive at the bat lookout in time to read more about the bats, explore the waterfront, look at the cormorants from a different angle, and drink hot cocoa and eat bat cookies. 

Bat capes are provided for willing participants!

We will sit along the water as the bats emerge at sunset and feel brave as they dart past us!

The walk back will be in the dark, so bring headlamps or flashlights.

This hike is suitable for kids old enough to walk and stay up that late.  The route is stroller friendly.

Required Equipment

Required Equipment

Family essentials including a famiily first aid kit, spare clothing, water, snacks.

All family members are encouraged to bring a backpack as per Mountaineers guidelines.

Dress for colder evening weather and shoreline breeze.

Bring headlamp/flashlight.

Bring Discover Pass.

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