Backcountry Ski/Snowboard - Haney Meadow Loop


Backcountry Ski/Snowboard - Haney Meadow Loop

Moderate ski tour with big views and fine glade skiing.

  • Moderate, M2 Advanced Ski
  • Moderate
  • Mileage: 8.0 mi
  • Elevation Gain: 2,500 ft

Tronsen Meadows parking area (No permit required)

Plan on arriving by 8:30AM and gearing up organizing, doing a beacon check and getting underway by 9:00AM 

The Tronsen Basin offers ski terrain and snow conditions quite different from Stevens and Snoqualmie Passes.  When the weather is clear -- there are spectacular views of the Enchantments.   

I've developed a slightly different line on the classic Tronsen Head Loop  that involves a short section of steep tight skiing when snow conditions are stable and favorable.  You'll need confident "Black Diamond" skills for that section.    If snow conditions aren't solid -- the traditional route off the top of Tronsen Head will be used as it has much less potential for avalanches or a tumbling fall.
If the snow conditions are enjoyable a second  lap of up to 900ft is possible.     

The exit skiing to return the trailhead is an enjoyable mixture of gentle road, trail and glade skiing.   The exit does involve some "rolling terrain", skiers will be able to  manage these by shuffling and some herringbone/sidestepping.   Splitboarders will need to unstrap and walk.   There is one longer uphill stretch on the exit is about 1/4 mile long and roughly 50ft of elevation gain.   Long enough to be annoying, but too short to make it worthwhile to transition to skinning.   The reward is some very pleasant glade skiing.

GPS Track of the "Traditional Route" -- If conditions are favorable we will be taking a steeper line more directly off the top of  Tronsen Head (I will share details of the steeper route with people on the roster prior to the trip)

I will initial set the roster count to zero and then after the final sign up date -- I will selectively move people from the waitlist to the roster for a group size of  six.    (I will not be doing a random lottery as I did last year -- too much effort)   I will use the  following criteria:

1) Whether the person has been, is or will be on a backcountry ski trip roster in recent times -- with favor shown to people who have not. 
2) How much experience does the person have with backcountry ski touring -- with favor shown to people with little experience. 
3) Whether the person has Wilderness First Aid, or other medical training as is willing to act as a caregiver if there is a mishap.
4) Whether the person has participated in a stewardship activity in the last year (for example trail maintenace or something like that)
5) Whether the person is willing to carpool.
6) If there are people with the skills and willingness to act as a Co-Leader they may join the roster in that capacity and after we've completed the beacon search practice and snow safety evaluation portions to lead a small group separated from the main group.  Additional co-leaders will allow expanding the total roster count, with each co-leader leading two or  three other skiers.   

Note:  A Winter Storm Warning, High or Extreme Avalanche Forecast from NWAC, Freezing Rain or "Chains Required" on the highway will cancel the trip.    

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Haney Meadow Loop, Diamond Head & Windy Knob

Required Equipment

Required Equipment

  • The Ten Essentials
  • Boots, skis/snowboard, poles
  • Climbing skins 
  • Avalanche shovel (metal blade)
  • Recent 3 antenna digital avalanche beacon 
  • Avalanche probe
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