Hadley Peak


Alpine Scramble - Hadley Peak

A scramble up the spectacular Skyline Divide trail, continuing up the gorgeous Chowder Ridge, to the loose pile of rocks known as Hadley Peak. This route offers stunning, up-close views of Mt Baker. This scramble is part of the Everett Scramble Weekend at our Mt Baker Lodge. You must plan on staying at the lodge to participate.

  • Technical 3, Strenuous 4
  • Challenging
  • Mileage: 13.0 mi
  • Elevation Gain: 4,700 ft

Mount Baker Lodge, as soon as breakfast ends.

This activity is part of the Everett Scramble Weekend at our Mt Baker Lodge. Multiple scrambles will be offered Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  You must stay at the lodge Saturday night to participate in this activity.  Although we expect that most of the participants will be from the Everett branch, this activity is open to scramblers from any branch, although priority is given to Everett branch scramblers. If you are not associated with the Everett scramble program, please don't register until July 15th. 

You must first make a reservation at the Mount Baker Lodge for Saturday night before you can ask for leader permission to go on this scramble. (We are limited to 30 people at the lodge each night and will offer three scrambles each day to choose from.)  To make a reservation, click on Activities on the Mountaineers webpage, and then select Lodge Reservations from the pop-down menu. Then, on the left-hand edge, click on Baker Lodge, then click on Make A Reservation and navigate to the proper date. 

Note: Currently, the road to the Skyline Divide trailhead is washed out. I don't know yet when it is expected to reopen. If the road is not reopened in time for this scramble, we will climb Mt Annette (near Artist Point) instead. 


Hadley Peak

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Required Equipment

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