Tacoma Explorers

Tacoma Explorers

For adventurous youth ages 10-13!

Tacoma Explorers Membership is $525 for the year. An $85 deposit is required for your first month. The remainder can be paid in full, or in monthly installments. 


Explorers is a year-round course, focused on teaching outdoor skills and providing outdoor experiences for kids 10-13 and their families. Explorers members will have the chance to learn and try a variety of outdoor sports, and will learn important skills to keep them safe in the wilderness. Activities include hiking & backpacking, rock climbing, snowshoeing, kayaking, cross-country skiing, building snow shelters, rope skills such as belaying and rappelling, wilderness first aid, wilderness navigation, ice ax skills, and more.


Parents are welcome and encouraged to participate along with their child. We have had many parents join us who had no prior outdoor skills and greatly enjoyed learning alongside their kids! If you have a younger child (age 6-9) you may decide if you would like them to join the Pioneers Program, or you may have them join Explorers along with their older sibling if you think they are up to the challenge!


Members meet one Tuesday evening per month at the Tacoma Mountaineers to plan trips and practice skills, and then go on at least one weekend outdoor trip per month. Past trips have included:

Day hikes around the Cascades and Olympics, including Lena Lake, Summit Lake, High Hut, Ingalls Lake, Burroughs Mountain

Backpacking trips to Ozette Triangle, Esmeralda Basin, Ancient Lakes

Rock climbing trips in Leavenworth, Vantage, and Exit 38

Kayaking in Lake Washington

Snowshoeing at Paradise, Stevens Pass, Reflection Lakes

Cross-country skiing at Cabin Creek and Crystal Springs Sno-Park

Bicycling the Carbon River Road

Ice ax skills practice and igloo-building at Paradise, Mt. Rainier


All trips are supervised by adult staff and/or trained volunteers. Parents are expected to be active chaperones for at least 50% of trips and meetings, either by helping drive carpool, participating in the activity and helping provide supervision, or helping instruct. Carpool drivers can be reimbursed at 24 cents per mile. All staff and volunteers must pass a background check and be certified through The Mountaineers in any skill they are teaching or trip they are leading. 


Outdoor equipment can almost always be borrowed from The Mountaineers when given enough notice (usually 1-2 weeks prior to trip).  See the gear list below for more details.


Tacoma Explorers  membership is $525 for the year. An $85 deposit is required for your first month. The remainder can be paid in full, or in monthly installments. Your Explorers membership costs cover: staff time, transportation costs, gear, camping fees and permits, and food for longer trips. At your first meeting, you will choose how you want to pay the remainder of your Explorers membership fee. Opting out of payment for a month because you missed the trip is not allowed.

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First you'll need to sign up for a Family Membership with us. Once you have created your new account, add your kids to your account by clicking on the "Membership" tab and adding a family member. Then, click on the button below to register!