Salmon Safaris

Salmon Safaris

A seasonal salmon education program.

Keta Legacy Foundation's-Rhododendron Preserve and The Mountaineers Kitsap Property are located along two major tributaries to Chico Creek, which hosts one of the largest Chum Salmon runs in the state.  During the month of November, Mountaineers instructors will lead your group on a half-day or full-day salmon education program.

Start your day in the beautiful historic Kitsap Cabin and learn about the salmon life-cycle.  From there,  the group will head down to the a short trail to the Kitsap Forest Theater. Students will be able to view the creek and salmon from the theater as a Mountaineers instructor will explain the salmon movement upstream with more detail. 

There will be evidence of the salmons' journey and interactive activities explaining this further. A few lucky groups may get a glimpse of seagulls, herons or bald eagles circling overhead or nesting in the trees.

There may be an opportunity to take the trail to the Big Tree - one of the state's largest and oldest Douglas Firs or head to another park for further salmon viewing. Students young and old marvel at the magical forest that surrounds them.

After all activities are complete students head back up to the cabin, learning about Leave No Trace along the way and finish the day with a wrap-up or snacks that you brought along.


1. Email to arrange a date.  The best Salmon Safaris happen in November.

2. Download, complete and send in the Salmon Safari Group Questionnaire.

3. If your group is in need of financial assistance, fill out the Financial Assistance Form, and email to let her know you've completed the form.

4. Print and distribute the Youth Partner Program Participant Waiver to all attendees.  Please hand these completed forms to your program leader when you arrive.