Recording Volunteer Hours

Recording Volunteer Hours

Learn how to record volunteer hours for leaders, instructors and volunteers who helped out at your activity or event.

Volunteer hours are associated with activity and event listings. They entered in bulk for leaders/instructors/volunteers on these rosters or you have the opportunity to select specific individuals and give specific hours based on the member's contribution. 

ACTIVITIES (includes Lectures, Field Trips, Seminars, CLInicS)

You can bulk award volunteer hours to anyone who is on the roster as a leader, co-leader, assistant leader, mentored leader or instructor when you close out the activity by entering in hours in the field you see pictured below. 

Or you can click the Edit/Cancel link next to the person's name if you want to invidually grant them a different number of hours volunteered.


Events you can bulk add volunteer hours to registered Event Contacts and anyone you added to the roster with the role of volunteer rather than participants. 

And similarly to event rosters you can also simply click Edit/Cancel next to anyone's name on the roster and add in hours. 

We don't currently have a good way to report hours for committee admin not directly related to a specific event but are hoping to have that in the future.  Please comment and vote for this web enhancement here on the feedback site

General Guidelines about recording hours

  1. If its an overnight trip, do not record hours that the person is sleeping
  2. Do record hours that the volunteer may have spent preparing for the event/activity, ie route research, emails back and forth between other participants etc.

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Anita Elder
Anita Elder says:
Fri, Jan 13, 2017 8:45 AM

What about volunteer hours used to prepare course materials, brochures, helping the club with graphic design, etc.? Do those not count as volunteer hours? Often, they take up more time than the class/event itself!

Tess Wendel
Tess Wendel says:
Fri, May 26, 2017 12:27 PM

Right now we don't have a great way to capture these, if you list committee meetings you can record some of these associated with the committee meetings.

Tess Wendel
Tess Wendel says:
Fri, May 26, 2017 12:59 PM

We are hoping to get more volunteer hours functionality soon. To stay up to date on this issue subscribe to this feedback item.