Hiking, Backpacking & Urban Walking

Documents, links, resources related to hiking, backpacking, and urban walking. Feel free to upload resources of a general nature that other branches may appreciate.

Hiking and Backpacking Summit Notes and Materials

This folder is for storing the minutes and decisions made by any organization-wide summits of the Hiking and Backpacking Committees. Note: summits, under Mountaineers governance, are critical to receiving the input of our activity experts, but the authority to make organization-wide decisions affecting things like the minimum standards is vested with the Board, generally through the Managing Committee (aka "Branch Leadership Committee").

Sharing participant information among activity leaders

This is a how-to document aimed at activity leaders, describing some features of the Mountaineers website for recording participant performance information from past activities and looking up such information for prospective participants in future activities. This is particularly important for hiking and backpacking where there are not formal course prerequisites that can help leaders assess qualifications.

application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.wordprocessingml.document Website Tools for Leaders to Document Participant Performance on Activities and Look for Information on Members Seeking to Join a Future Activity.docx — 4.1 MB

Hike Leader-Participant Contact Samples

Contains sample emails used to announce a day hike, questions for screening participants, event details, and a take-along roster format.

application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.wordprocessingml.document Format-hike leader emails.docx — 195.5 KB

Foothills Hiking-Backpacking Committee

Tools, methods and resources that we have found useful in our committee

Seattle Branch Hiking Committee

Resource materials used to support new hike leader training, hiking courses, hike scheduling and beginning hiking seminars.

Tacoma Hike and Backpack Documents

Guides and presentations that may be of use to other Hike and Backpack programs

Exercises for Healthy Hiking by Dr. Michael Domingo, DPT, OCS

Presentation from Dr. Michael Domingo. Linked in an August 2018 blog by Chris Ensor.

application/pdf Exercises_Healthy_Hiking.pdf — 7.6 MB