Branch Positions

Branch Positions

Our outdoor experiences are organized and led by volunteers based out of seven branches to serve our community. Each branch has the following positions.

Branch Chair

The branch chair is the elected leader and spokesperson for their branch. The branch chair schedules and presides over the quarterly Executive Committee (ExCom) meetings and the Annual General Membership meeting (typically in October), and he or she notifies all members of that committee of the date, time, place, and agenda for those meetings. (The branch chair includes the final version of the minutes from the previous ExCom meeting, along with the agenda and notice of the next meeting, to avoid having to read the minutes aloud at the meeting prior to voting on approval.) The branch chair coordinates all branch activities so that they are in compliance with The Mountaineers bylaws, policies, and procedures and that they support The Mountaineers strategic plan, core values, and mission.

The branch chair is also a member of the Branch Leadership Committee (BLC) which consists of all seven branch chairs and is chaired by the Vice President of Branches. Meetings are held monthly and alternate between conference call, the Seattle Program Center, and the Tacoma Program Center. 

The branch chair coordinates the submission of an annual budget with input from all the branch activity committees. Once the budget is approved by the Board, the branch chair - with the assistance of the treasurer - ensures that expenses incurred remain closely aligned with those forecast in the budget. If new, unforeseen expenses must be incurred, the branch chair forwards a description of the expense and the estimated dollar amount to the Finance Committee for an out-of-cycle approval, but only after that new expense is approved by an Executive Committee vote.

The branch chair facilitates communication between the branch activities and will attempt to resolve problems and complaints within the branch, if possible. The branch chair also facilitates communications between branch members, staff, and the Board (through the BLC) and carries unresolved issues or branch issues that may affect other branches to the BLC for resolution.

The branch chair works closely with the branch director to the Board of Directors to effect good two way communications between the Board and the branch, and to ensure the message from the branch is consistent regardless of its source.


The vice-chair performs the duties of the branch chair at any time that the branch chair is unable to perform those duties. The BLC charter specifically allows the vice-chair to attend BLC meetings in the place of the branch chair and to vote on all items which may come before that committee. It is highly desirable that the vice-chair be the successor to the branch chair and that the vice-chair assume the branch chair position when the branch chair “retires."


The most important responsibility of the treasurer is to facilitate requests for reimbursement from the branch members so that checks are issued in a timely manner to those members who have incurred legitimate expenses.

The branch treasurer coordinates with all activity committee chairs to obtain input for the annual budget and assembles the collected data in the format directed by the annual budget guidance from The Mountaineers controller. The assembled budget is presented to the branch chair before submission the headquarters. Once the budget is approved by the Board, the branch treasurer compares actual expenses to the budgeted expenses to ensure that the actual expenses remain closely aligned with those forecast in the budget. The treasurer will notify the branch chair of any variances or new, unforecast expenses that may require an ExCom vote before submission to the Finance Committee for approval.

The branch treasurer presents the financial state of the branch at each quarterly ExCom meeting.


The secretary is the recording officer of the branch and takes minutes at each quarterly ExCom meeting. A draft is subsequently sent to those in attendance for review and comment and the final (revised if necessary) version is then sent to the branch chair for inclusion in the email notification of the next ExCom meeting. The secretary also records the vote for the slate of ExCom officers which takes place at the Annual General Membership meeting (or electronically).

The secretary posts the final version of the minutes to the Mountaineers website after a vote is taken to approve them.

The secretary shall preside over any ExCom meeting where neither the chair or vice chair are present.

Branch Director - ON the Board OF Directors

The branch director is the representative at The Mountaineers Board of Director meetings and casts a vote where necessary that represents the branch position. The board has five regular meetings a year and two board retreats. Most regular meetings are held at the Seattle Program Center, as is one of the board retreats. The other board retreat is usually held at one of the lodges.

The branch director will work closely with the branch chair to ensure that the message from the branch is consistent regardless of its source. The branch director may be asked to report recent Board activities to the ExCom meeting.

At-Large Trustees (differs per branch)

The at-large representatives represent the general interests of the branch members, provide additional expertise and input to the ExCom, and assist with meeting programs and organization.

Since the at-large members represent the membership in general and not any particular activity, they may occasionally be asked to conduct special studies or assignments.

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