Scramble Leader Skills, Part 1

Rope handling, Anchors, Knots, Handlines, and Belays for Current and Potential Scramble Leaders

The vast majority of scrambling trips involve terrain that rarely or only infrequently requires the use of a handline or a rope, yet when one is required by the climb, or requested by a team member, it is imperative that the leader know how to quickly and safely set one up. This clinic, part one of two such clinics, is designed for scramble leaders who may need to use handlines or ropes on some sections of some scrambles. It mainly focuses on technical skills involving knots, anchors, handlines and ropes, and on belaying and lowering followers.

Clinic two will be conducted in the field on snow, date and place TBA. Attendence at the first clinic (January 17th) is a pre-requisite for registering for the second clinic.