Basic Climbing Course Second Year   - Tacoma - 2015

Climbing Course

Basic Climbing Course Second Year

Basic Climbing Course Second Year - Tacoma

COVID-19: Learn about our most up-to-date guidance for participants and leaders on our COVID-19 Response page. All participants and leaders must agree to the COVID-19 Code of Conduct before participating in this Mountaineers course.

Tacoma Second Year Participants: If you require a second year to complete the course requirements you must contact the Course Chair, Curtis Stahlecker, by e-mail ( to request permission.  Second year participants are required to attend the full day skills evaluation on January 31st, 2015. After the evaluation a determination will made on where the in the lecture or field trip sequence participants may re-enter the course.  The course re-entry point is based on what knowledge and skills they have retained from the previous year. A conditioner, with a Tacoma Branch leader, must be successfully completed before participating on basic climbs or the crevasse rescue field trip.  The 2015 course manual is available for an additional fee of $20

Lecture Schedule*:

  • January 31 - Second Year Qualifier (second year students only)
  • February 11 - Lecture 1: Course Expectations, Conditioning, Equipment
  • March 4 - Lecture 2: Accident Response, Mountain Rescue, Health, Nutrition
  • March 25 - Lecture 3: Snow Travel, Avalanche Hazards
  • April 8 - Lecture 4: Rock Climbing
  • May 6 - Lecture 5: Glacier Travel, Crevasse Rescue
  • June 10 - Final exam
  • June 24 - Course review
  • October 24 - Climbing division potluck

Field Trip Schedule*:

  • Feb 25th or 26th - FT 1 Prep: Fundamentals, Knots, Prusiking
  • Feb 28th or March 1st  - FT 1: Fundamentals, Knots, Prusik Test, Belaying
  • March 15 - FT 2: Belay Test
  • March 28 and 29 - FT 3: Winter Overnight
  • April 18 or 19 - FT 4: Rock I - Knots, Rock Climbing, Rappelling
  • May 16 or 17 - FT 5: Rock II - Rock Climbing, Rappelling
  • May 27 or 28 - FT 6 Prep: Crevasse Rescue
  • June 8 and 9 - FT 6 and 7: Crevasse Rescue and Hard Snow

*dates are subject to change

Graduation Requirements are the same as the Basic Course  

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