Stevens Lodge Saturday Night 4/21

Stevens Lodge Saturday Night 4/21

This is the Saturday night stay for Steven's Lodge. It's closing weekend and SPRINGFEST! We have discount lift tickets available, please talk to the cabin host for purchase.


Adult member (age 14+) $48.00
Adult non-member (age 14+) $55.00
Youth member (age 13-) $30.00
Youth non-member (age 13-) $35.00

Important information about your stay:

The Mountaineers Stevens Pass Lodge is a mountain home located immediately next to the Stevens Pass Ski Area. Surrounded by thousands of acres of backcountry and inbounds skiing in the Mt. Baker - Snoqualmie National Forest, our lodge is the perfect play to stay for a night or an entire weekend. 

We open the lodge each weekend for members and guests who want to enjoy  night skiing at Steven's Pass or get ahead of the morning snow rush!

Feel free to come in and claim a bunk as early as 10am. We will have lodge staff on-site no later than 4pm for check-in and to answer any questions. Come in, sign-in, claim a bunk, and sign up for a chore. Enjoy cozy couches by the fire and the company of other skiers, riders and snowshoers in our rustic lodge setting. We have full amenities including a kitchen, dorm style bunk beds, and common areas. There is a warming room downstairs to dry out gear, a minimal workshop for self-tuning and repairing skis.

Please make sure to sign-in at the Welcome Desk, and sign up for a chore for each day of your stay.  You are welcome to use the kitchen for dinner Friday night and lunch on Saturday, we just ask that you clean up after yourself. 

Quiet hours are from 10 pm to 7 am. Lights go off in the dorms and we ask that conversations be limited to the first two floors of the building.

Dinner is served at 6:30 Saturday night, Sunday breakfast at 7:30.

Stevens Lodge Alcohol and Smoking Policy

Our goal is to provide an environment that all guests feel welcome and safe.

  • Guests are prohibited from drinking alcohol inside Stevens Lodge. Guests are allowed to store and enjoy adult beverages on the 2nd floor deck.  The Foggy Goggle, the Iron Goat Pizza and the Bull’s Tooth at the ski area serve alcohol.
  • Parents or guardians of minors should refrain from consumption of alcohol, marijuana or illegal drugs in order to provide reliable supervision of the youth they are responsible for.
  • It is illegal to provide alcohol to minors. Minors are defined as persons under the age of 21.
  • Using, possessing, or being under the influence of marijuana or illegal drugs is prohibited at Stevens Lodge.
  • Using, possessing, or being under the influence of marijuana or illegal drugs is illegal on Forest Service property.
  • Smoking, vaping or use of tobacco is prohibited inside the lodge.

Parking: Please park against the snow wall in Lot 4 of the ski area and hike up the trail until you see our building at the bend in the road. This is a snow track so we discourage wheeled luggage and encourage backpacks and/or sleds for your gear.

What to Pack: Sleeping Bag, toiletries, jacket and other warm clothing, towel, snow shoes, headlamp or flashlight. Optional: Slippers, books, games, food for lunches.

Discount lift tickets available. Talk to the Cabin Manager for purchase. Credit and Debit cards only.