Stevens Lodge PCT Stay - Mon, 8/19

Stevens Lodge PCT Stay - Mon, 8/19

We're open continuously from Fri, Aug 9 to Sun, Sep 29 to serve the needs of Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) thru-hikers making the trek from Mexico to Canada. Everyone is welcome—reserve in advance or just show up. We hope to see you this summer!


Adult member (age 14+) $40.00
Adult non-member (age 14+) $45.00
Youth member (age 13-) $25.00
Youth non-member (age 13-) $30.00

The Mountaineers Stevens Pass Lodge is your mountain home located next to the Stevens Pass Ski Area and Mountain Bike Park in the Mount Baker - Snoqualmie National Forest. Surrounded by thousands of acres of backcountry and in-bounds skiing in winter and hiking trails and a mountain bike park in summer, our lodge is the perfect place to stay for a night, an entire weekend, or a few days.

The lodge will be open continuously from Fri, Aug  9 to Sun, Sep 29. Come on in, sign-in, and claim a bunk. Enjoy cozy couches by the fire and the company of other hikers and mountain bikers in our rustic lodge setting. We have full amenities including a kitchen, dorm style bunk beds, and common areas. There is a "hot room" downstairs to dry out gear, a minimal workshop for repair work (bring your own tools). Each night's stay includes dinner the night of your stay and breakfast the next morning.


how to get here & where to Park

Our lodge is located south of SR-2 and on the west side of the Stevens Pass Mountain Resort area. Please park in Lot 4 of the ski area/mountain bike park, and hike up the trail until you see our building at the bend in the road. Please visit our web page for more detailed driving and walking directions.

What to Pack

  • Sleeping bag.
  • Food for all your meals or consider one of the Stevens Pass Mountain Resort dining options.
  • Toiletries and a towel—we have showers, but water is our greatest expense, so please help us conserve.
  • Rain jacket and warm clothing—it can be cold in summer too, especially in the evening.
  • Headlamp or flashlight.

what to do when you get here

Please make sure to sign-in at the Welcome Desk, and sign up for a chore for each day of your stay.  Walk-ins are welcome.


We provide dinner and breakfast each day. You may use the kitchen for cooking your meals—we just ask that you coordinate with the cook and clean up when you're done. 

showers & laundry

  • We have hot showers available with complimentary soap and shampoo. Disposable towels are for sale.
  • We have tubs and washboards and a "Homer bucket" laundry system with complimentary laundry detergent for washing your clothes.
  • Our drying room will dry all your wet gear and laundry. It's also a great place to spend the first few minutes of your stay if you come in from a cold rain!

quiet hours

Quiet hours are from 10:30 pm to 7 am. Lights go off in the dorms and we ask that conversations be limited to the first two floors of the building.