Darrell Gulin - Landscape Photography

Darrell Gulin - Landscape Photography

Darrel Gulin, a Canon Explores of Light presenter, will be speaking about Landscape Photography and showing his photos.

Darrell has been photographing for over 35 years, marketing his work for the last 33 years and has been a full time Nature/Travel Photographer for the last 22 years. He markets his work through Stock Agencies, Editorial Markets, Photography Workshop/Tours, Seminars and Speaking Engagements.

His work is represented by GettyImages, Danita Delimont Agency, DRK Photo, and Super Stock Agency.

He is one of Canon's Explorer of Light Photographers.

Darrell will cover the how to's of Landscape photography including:

  1. Researching locations
  2. Equipment needed and how to use them
  3. Identifying the icons of the locations you have picked
  4. Photo techniques
  5. Work the weather including such apps like MyRadar
  6. Using your Garmin GPS for marking locations

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