Hybrid Wilderness First Responder Course

Hybrid 5-day Wilderness First Responder Course taught by Remote Medical International, hosted by The Mountaineers.


The Wilderness First Responder (WFR) certification is considered the minimum standard for outdoor professionals working as guides, trip leaders, and outdoor educators; the course is also recommended for individual adventurers venturing beyond the realm of quick and easy 911 access. The course is a hybrid self-study plus 5-day onsite training that provides intermediate medical skills to individuals working or playing in remote environments. Through a hands-on and scenario-based approach, this course offers the skills and confidence needed to provide medical care when evacuation is hours or days away. The WFR includes short lectures, interactive labs, and realistic practice scenarios that train students to improvise with limited resources in remote environments. 

This Wilderness First Responder course is taught by instructors from Remote Medical International. For more information on Remote Medical International and the course, see their website.