Going Deep - Risk Management in the Backcountry

We often say that terrain is always the answer, when in reality, it’s our decision making that is always the answer. How we make, or don't make our decisions that can expose us to higher risk. We want partners with skills, but we also want to be traveling with folks that can advocate for themselves and share thoughts easily to be part of that decision-making process. Also, understanding your own risk tolerance as well as your partner's plays a huge factor in interpersonal dynamics, and plays another huge role in people’s ability to make appropriate decisions. In this workshop, we’ll dig into: The What: Human factors, what are your biases and risk tolerance? What is risk management in a backcountry setting? So What: How do you recognize and manage these biases and your risk tolerance, as well as your partners. Why is this important? What Next: Debriefing - the importance of asking good questions at the end of the day and why finding good partners is just as important as perfect powder.