Adventure Club - Crevasse Rescue Workshop

Youth activity: Mountaineers Adventure Club

Adventure Club - Crevasse Rescue Workshop - Mountaineers Seattle Program Center

Skill building day at the Program Center to learn crevasse rescue techniques NOTE: Picture shows outside crevasse rescue practice, which comes later, this session will take place AT THE MOUNTAINEERS PROGRAM CENTER. Attendance here required for snow field trips and glacier climbs, such as Baker/Rainier/Glacier Peak, in the summer.

  • Sat, Jan 26, 2019
  • Seattle Youth Outreach Committee
  • Youth
  • Youth
  • For Beginners (Getting Started Series)
  • 7 (20 capacity)
  • FULL (3 capacity)
  • 2 (2 capacity)
  • Cancellation & Refund Policy

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Learn how to rescue someone from a crevasse if they fall in. This skills day is required for snow field trips & glacier climbs for MAC that we'll do in the summer!


students will earn:


Mountaineers Seattle Program Center

Required Equipment

Required Equipment

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