Wild Skills Day

Youth activity: Mountain Workshop - SheJumps Wild Skills day

Wild Skills Day - Mountaineers Seattle Program Center

Join us for a fun day of climbing, navigation, first aid, 10 essentials, and Leave No Trace

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As a volunteer, meet at 7:45 for a brief instructor meeting. 

SheJumps and The Mountaineers Youth Education Department are teaming up to get girls outside on May 30th. We will be rock climbing, learning first aid, navigation, and the 10 essentials/Leave No Trace.

On May 21st from 8:30-2pm at The Mountaineers Seattle Program Center, 48 girls between the ages of 6-13 are invited to join us for a fun day of getting outside! Our goal is to have fun, try something new, and connect with more folks to get outside!

If you are a Female volunteer who would like to help belay, or teach any of the skills listed above, please email Caitlin O'Brien at caitlino@mountaineers.org for more information. 


Mountaineers Seattle Program Center

Required Equipment

Required Equipment

10 essentials, harness, belay device.

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