Navigation Activity #4 of 4 - Field Trip

Field trip: Wilderness Navigation Course

Navigation Activity #4 of 4 - Field Trip - Carkeek Park

Seattle Wilderness Navigation Badge Field Trip city park Covid substitute. Field trip mimics Heybrook but is shorter and stays on trail to help graduate the 2020 student backlog. Students must have already completed activities 1-2-3.

COVID-19: Learn about our most up-to-date guidance for participants and leaders on our COVID-19 Response page. All participants and leaders must agree to the COVID-19 Code of Conduct before participating in this Mountaineers activity.
  • Easy
  • Easy
  • Mileage: 3.0 mi
  • Elevation Gain: 700 ft
  • High Point Elevation: 370 ft
  • Pace: 1.2mph

Meet geared up shortly before 8am at May Ave NW street end just north of 100th Ave NW in Blue Ridge neighborhood.  The trail leads to an entrance to Carkeek Park. Metro transportation is available to the intersection of Holman Blvd NW and May Ave NW.  Students and instructors will be assigned to one of two independent groups prior to the field trip to meet Covid guidelines. Groups will observe staggered departures and remain socially distant.

Before you can sign up for this Field Trip as a student, you need to first sign up and pay for the Basic Navigation Course and schedule the prerequisite components -- the eLearning Workshop, the Online GPS Module, and the In-Person Workshop.  All three of those components must be finished before the field trip. Instructors do not need to pay the fee for the course.  Field Trip is not open to students already registered for the November 7 and 8 Heybrook Field Trips.

Field Trip Details:

This is a half day event in and near Carkeek Park, Seattle. The trip mimics most elements of the traditional Heybrook Ridge field trip but is shorter and stays on trail.  The small group of six students and one or two instructors will remain masked and practice social distancing, as possible. The city park option is offered to help 2020 students whose winter and spring field trips were cancelled due to the pandemic.



  1. You'll need to be in reasonable physical condition since you'll be gaining about 680 ft of elevation and hiking 3 miles on trail. 
  2. Bring the Required Equipment. Come prepared as you would for a hike in varied weather and trail conditions. Bring over-the-ankle high-top boots, a waterproof outer layer, warm clothes in layers, the 10 essentials, snacks, etc. The Field Trip Student Packet will be emailed shortly before the field trip. 
  3. Review the Field Trip packet.  
  4. Bring declination adjustable, baseplate compass. Unfortunately you can't share a compass with someone during the Field Trip.  
  5. Bring a GPS and Altimeter - Smartphone with Gaia GPS and standalone altimeter or the altitude function within Gaia GPS.
  6. Bring two copies of the CalTopo or Gaia area map for the Carkeek Park area in a 1 gallon ZipLoc bag.
  7. Bring a sharp pencil.
  8. Complete the pre-trip planning document from the eLearning Workshop and leave a copy at home.

As students leave the workshops, you should be prepared for the field trip with the following:

  • Basic Trip Plan completed
  • Know where and when to be at the field trip, and what to bring.
  • Hard copy map of field trip area on hand.  CalTopo paper map (2 cc) printed to use and  to provide to other hikers.
  • Current declination 15 degrees east set on the compass and confirmed.
  • Altimeter use & limitations are understood. Ready to calibrate at trailhead.
  • Smartphone loaded with Gaia GPS, and also loaded with Route/Track, Waypoints, Map.
  • Emergency communications procedures and devices are understood.
  • GPS device checked and ready ( batteries, charge, screen display, weather proofing...)
  • Emergency communications on hand (minimum whistle)

Come prepared to instruct students who likely have a wide range of experience:

  1. Bring your Instructor Scenario (FT 3.6 D3 Carkeek Instr SCN Notes) document to be emailed before the trip.  A Rite in the Rain Scenario copy will be provided at the TH.
  2. Review the "Student Field Trip" packet as well-- will be attached.
  3. Bring your compass, GPS, Altimeter and CalTopo map copies.  If you have a PLB or radio, please bring.


Required Equipment

Required Equipment

Come prepared as if you were doing the Heybrook Ridge Field Trip.  Remember your mask.

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