Navigation Activity #4 of 4 - Field Trip - Discovery Park

Field trip: Wilderness Navigation Course - Winter

Navigation Activity #4 of 4 - Field Trip - Discovery Park

Wilderness Navigation Field Trip - Discovery Park

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Arrive: No later than 6:45am, Instructor Brief: 7:00am, Start Hike: 7:15am-7:30

Location: Discovery Park, South Parking Lot, Entrance to parking lot at West Emerson St. + 43rd Ave West.

Coordinates: UTM WGS84, Zone 10T 544294E  5278093N, or 47.65472, -122.41014

Before you can sign up for this Field Trip as a student, you need to first sign up and pay for the Basic Navigation Course and schedule the prerequisite components -- the Online Map and Compass course, the Online Introduction to Digital Navigation course, and the In-Person Workshop.  All three of those components must be finished before the field trip. Instructors do not need to pay the fee for the course.  

Field Trip Details:
This event takes place on a Saturday or Sunday at Discovery Park, Seattle. The duration of the field trip will vary but plan on spending between 6 to 8 hours to complete the course. Carpooling is strongly encouraged.


  1. You'll need to be in reasonable physical condition. 
  2. Come prepared as you would for a scramble or hike in varied weather, but please leave the technical gear (helmet, ice axe, etc) at home. Bring gators if you have them for map storage, backpack, trail shoes or hiking boots, a waterproof outer layer, warm clothes in layers, hat, gloves, sunglasses, whistle, head-lamp. There is not a designated lunch break. Bring “Trail” style food, you will be snacking as you move throughout the day.
  3. Compass: mirrored or baseplate with adjustable (not fixed) declination, and clinometer.
  4. GPS: Smartphone with Gaia, or dedicated GPS unit such as Garmin eTrex.
  5. Altimeter: Download barometric altimeter app such as AltimeterPlus for phone, or a dedicated altimeter such as a Thommen or Sun Company.
  6. You do not need to bring a map. Maps will be issued to you at the east parking lot check-in. 
  7. Bring a pocket size notebook such as Rite in the Rain and a sharp pencil.
  8. Complete the pre-trip planning document from the eLearning Workshop and leave a copy at home.
  9. The Field Trip Student Packet within the Course Materials tab provides more information. Review the Field Trip packet at home.

As students leave the workshops, you should be prepared for the field trip with the following:

  • Basic Trip Plan completed
  • Know where and when to be at the field trip, and what to bring. 
  • Current declination set on the compass and confirmed. 
  • Altimeter use & limitations are understood. Ready to calibrate at trailhead. 
  • Smartphone loaded with Gaia GPS, and also loaded with Waypoints, Map. 
  • Emergency communications procedures and devices are understood.


Required Equipment

Required Equipment

See the Required Equipment tab on the Course Page, along with checklists included within the eLearning Workshop and in the Field Trip Student Packet.  The Field Trip Student Packet is also available in the Course Page, within the Course Materials tab.

Trip Reports