Navigation Activity #2 of 4 - Online Introduction to Digital Navigation

Lecture: Wilderness Navigation Course - Winter

Navigation Activity #2 of 4 - Online Introduction to Digital Navigation - Online Classroom

Digital Navigation: The second of four activities to complete the Wilderness Navigation course in Seattle.

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Online course using the Coassemble platform. You will take the course at  your own pace but it must be successfully completed by the end date shown. You may not take this course until you successfully completed activity 1.

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To sign up:

Before you can sign up for this Introduction to Digital Navigation session as a student, you first need to sign up and pay for the "Wilderness Navigation Course " (the link to that course is to the right).  Instructors do not need to pay.

This course activities requires you to have a Smartphone.  You will be instructed to install Gaia GPS App at no cost using your member benefits.

This is the second of four components, and must be completed prior to the third activity, the In-Person Workshop.  It is required to complete the course, and is not an optional component. There are no prerequisites. You can work this activity before or after the  online Map and Compass course, or concurrent with it, but it must be done before the In-Person workshop.


 The Introduction to Digital Navigation Module is an online review of the GPS system and tools.  It includes practical exercises with Gaia GPS and other tools, and prepares you for the In-Person Workshop and Field Trip. It is not optional and is not a substitute for other components.  Please consider your ability to work independently and  set aside the time you'll need to complete this course (It takes approximately 4 to 5 hours). 

On the start date, you'll receive an email with a link to the material.  A volunteer instructor will be assigned to help you, to answer questions, etc.   You may work the modules in any order and  you must complete the quizzes to be deemed complete.

Required Equipment:

We have standardized on the use of a Smartphone with Gaia GPS.  If you use any other device or app, it is up to you to understand its operation related to on-screen mapping, along with making and using tracks, routes, and waypoints. 

Rescheduling or cancellation:

We treat this activity the same as any kind of in-person activity.  If you don't begin, you'll be marked as a no-show.  If you don't finish, you'll be marked as unsuccessful. Please plan your activities so you can dedicate your Online time within your allotted two-week period.

Remember to complete this Module prior to your scheduled In-Person Workshop.

You can make changes on your own, prior to the registration close dates, or you can contact the course leader or member services to cancel or change.


Your main role will be to answer questions and grade the quizzes. The activity leader also tracks student's progress, and manages their completion.


Required Equipment

Required Equipment

See Course Materials tab and Required Equipment Tab on the Course page for more details on the Smartphone and Gaia GPS requirements

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