Welcome to the Seattle Naturalists Webpage

Welcome to the Seattle Naturalists Webpage

The Seattle Naturalists offer opportunities to learn about the plants, animals, marine life, and geology of the Pacific Northwest. We also encourage participants to volunteer as instructors, trip leaders, and native plant stewards as their knowledge and skills develop.

We offer year-round field trips, lectures, and courses to Mountaineer members and the general public. We are taking part in education out-reach programs led by Mountaineer staff members. 

The Course: "Introduction to the Natural World" is offered in the spring of each year. The course consists of 4 lectures and 4 field trips.  Visit the 2016 Intro to the Natural World course page.

The Trips: We offer trips that range from morning trips in local parks to multi-day outings in eastern Washington, Oregon, and Canada.

The Seminars: During the winter and early spring months, we sponsor presentations on the Natural World on a variety of topics, and given by local experts.

The Study Group: Graduates of the course, and those with some knowledge and experience,  are invited to join The Study Group. A small one-time registration fee of $40 ($65 for non Mountaineer Members) gives you life-time membership.

Study Group activities include:

  • Presentations by local plant and wildlife experts,
  • Opportunities for advanced courses,
  • Waived fees for talks in the lecture series,
  • An invitation to sit in on the yearly Intro course, and
  • Special Study Group Naturalists outings. 

The Garden: The Naturalists are also sponsoring and creating the Magnuson Park Native Plant Garden, just south of the Mountaineer Program Center.