Seattle Branch Backpacking Classes

Seattle Branch Backpacking Classes

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You do not need to take classes to participate in Mountaineers backpacking trips, but a main tenet of the Mountaineers is that its members are self-sufficient and well prepared for anything they might encounter while enjoying the outdoors.  


  • The Seattle branch Backpacking Committee 2014 beginning backpacking class was held on 11 May.  
  • The Tacoma branch offers backpacking classes throughout the Summer.


  • The great majority of the navigation classes are taught in Fall, Winter, and Spring.  See what's offered now.
  • Already taken a navigation class?  Then refresh and improve your skills by volunteering to teach the class.

   First Aid: 

  • Mountaineering-oriented First Aid (MOFA) and Wilderness First Aid (WFA) are taught by several of the branches.  Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and "basic first aid" classes are very good in situations where emergency help will arrive in less than an hour, but they alone are not sufficient training for situations where emergency aid might be hours or days away.   The MOFA & WFA classes teach you what to do when help will not arrive within a day.  
  • Already certified?  Then refresh and improve your skills by volunteering to teach the class. 

 Outdoor Leadership:

  • Several branches offer classes to help improve your leadership skills and to learn how to create a better environment for trip participants.  
Todd Mitchell ( ) June 2012