Basic Alpine Student Resources

Basic Alpine Student Resources

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Belaying: A Friction System

One of the first important safety skills a climber must learn is how to belay.  Belaying is a way of managing the rope, using friction created by bends in the rope around a carabiner and either a hitch or belay device, so that should the climber fall, the rope, and you, will halt the fall, keeping the climber safe. 

Belaying with PBUS

The Extended Rappel

Rappelling is one of the least forgiving activities a climber does.  Because your weight is on the rope the entire time, making one mistake can come with serious costs.  By extending your rappel, you have better visibility on all of the systems, and you can safely manage an autoblock, which adds a redundancy to your safety system.

Learn How to set up an extended Rappel

Belay Escape

In the event that your climber is seriously injured, you (the belayer) may need to remove yourself from the system so that you can investigate or go get help.

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