Introduction to Leading Bolted Routes - Seattle - Spring 2019

Climbing Course

Introduction to Leading Bolted Routes

Introduction to Leading Bolted Routes - Seattle

The Introduction to Leading Bolted Routes Course is a program of classroom instruction designed to equip students with the fundamental technical skills and experience necessary to safely lead climb well bolted single pitch routes. This course includes 4 classroom (indoor climbing wall) sessions at the Seattle Mountaineers Program Center and one outdoor crag field trip. 

Instruction Topics:

  • Lead belaying
  • Route risk assessment
  • Climber / belayer communication 
  • Rope management
  • Face climbing techniques
  • Clipping techniques
  • Clean anchors & rappel -or- clean & lower
Course Requirements

This course has no scheduled activities.

Required Equipment

Course Equipment: See attached gear guide in Course Materials tab for details! 

  • Climbing harness
  • Helmet
  • Rock shoes
  • Belay (and rappelling) gloves 
  • Two personal anchors (or one PA and a sewn runner) & 2 Locking carabiners 
  • ATC belay device & one large pear shaped carabiner 
  • Rappelling auto-block (i.e. a hero loop or small 6mm sewn cord or hollowblock)
  • 6 quick draws
  • Anchor material (i.e. two alpine draws - with 4 locking carabiners) - Will discuss in first lecture
  • Optional: assisted breaking belay device (i.e. Grigri)


Course Materials

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