Basic Glacier Travel - Knot Practice

Lecture: Basic Glacier Travel Course

Basic Glacier Travel - Knot Practice - Mountaineers Seattle Program Center

This is NOT at the Program Center. Join us in West Seattle at 6 pm for knot practice!

  • Thu, Mar 26, 2020
  • Seattle Climbing
  • Urban Adventure
  • Basic Alpine
  • Adults
  • Casual

Time to get our knots on! Let's meet at 6 pm at West Seattle Brewing (4415 Fauntleroy Way SW, Seattle, WA 98126.

Depending on the weather (and most recently public health recommendations), we may change to an outdoor location in West Seattle. Please keep an eye on your email the day before for any last minute location updates.

If you have any questions, please contact the leader of this event!

Goal: Knot practice to prepare for the knot test at Workshop #2. 

Gear to bring:
> 1 locking carabiner
> 10 foot rope segment you were given
> Hero loop you were given
> Piece of 1/2" or 1" webbing (if you have it)
> Knot list

Gear NOT to bring:
> Leave your harness at home

Knots you can practice:
> Rewoven Figure 8
> Butterfly
> Water knot
> Slip knot
> Girth hitch
> Clove hitch
> Figure 8 on a bight
> Double Fishermans
> Prusik
> Stopper knot
> Bowline
> Bowline on a bight

Note: You won't be practicing coiling or flaking.


Mountaineers Seattle Program Center

Required Equipment

Required Equipment

See description above.

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