Graduation Requirements

Seattle Basic Alpine Climbing Course - Graduation Requirements

Meetings and Field Trips

Attend all class meetings and complete all field trips as outlined under the Course Requirements tab.

Self Study

You will need to read relevant sections of Mountaineering: The Freedom of the Hills, study techniques previously taught, and practice on your own to prepare for field trips and/or Small Instructional Group (SIG) outings.


Completion of the Mountaineers Basic Navigation course (one evening workshop and one field trip).

Alpine First Aid

Completion of the Mountaineers Alpine/Wilderness First Aid course. This is a 16 hour course designed exclusively for the Mountaineers climbing program requiring one weekend and one evening.


Complete one day of voluntary wilderness stewardship service such as trail maintenance, tree planting or habitat restoration.  More Information.


In a safe and competent manner, complete three basic experience climbs, including at least one rock and one glacier. It will likely take more than three attempts to achieve this.