Code of Conduct

Expectations of Mountaineer members


Field Trip Standards

Out of respect for your fellow students and instructors, we ask that you follow these guidelines--

  • Only register for one session at a time.  You may register on the wait list for another session you prefer, but please cancel your original registration  immediately if you get in.
  • If you will be late or must cancel due to illness or other unforeseen circumstances, email, text, or call the Field Trip Leader.  Contact info is in the website activity listing.
  • Arrive 10 – 15 minutes early to allow time for check-in, skills book p/u, and assignment
  • Treat the Instructors and Field Trip Leaders with respect.  If you feel that you are not being treated respectfully or taught appropriately, please see the Area Leader or Field Trip Leader.
  • If you observe something that you believe is unsafe, immediately bring it to the attention of the nearest Instructor, Area Leader or Field Trip Leader.
  • Be respectful of others with your cell phone use.  Preferably turn the ringer off and refrain from unnecessary usage during the FT.
  • Feel free to bring water and food.  There will not be official breaks but you’ll have time to eat/drink as you transition between activities.
  • Be friendly and helpful to your fellow students, this is not a competition
  • Learn and have fun!

Club Standards

All members of The Mountaineers, in order to attain the club’s purposes—to explore, study, preserve and enjoy the natural beauty of Northwest America—in spirit of good fellowship shall subscribe to the following:

  • To exercise personal responsibility and to conduct themselves on club activities and premises in a manner that will not impair the safety of the party, or prevent the collective participation and enjoyment of others.
  • Private property must be respected.
  • The use of alcohol and other drugs or medications, when incompatible with The Mountaineers activities because of their effects on ability and judgment, is prohibited when such use would affect the safety of the party or impair the collective participation and enjoyment of others.
  • To enter the outdoors as visitor, leaving behind no debris, environmental scars, or other indications of their visit, which would reduce the enjoyment of those who follow.
  • Pets, firearms, or any other items which will impair the safety or enjoyment of others shall not be brought on The Mountaineers premises or taken on club activities.
  • To obey those specific regulations imposed by the Board of Trustees, Branches and Divisions of The Mountaineers, which are necessary to implement the above.
  • To minimize the environmental impact on the outdoors by using campfires only in properly designated areas and extinguishing them completely after use; conducting human sanitation and washing away from watercourses; and carrying out all solid waste.

Members of The Mountaineers who deviate from this philosophy and from the specific club regulations may be subject to disciplinary procedures of the club, including expulsion.

The Climbing Code

Participants on all Mountaineers sponsored climbs must adhere to the climbing code:

  • A climbing party of three is the minimum, unless adequate prearranged support is available. On crevassed glaciers, two rope teams are recommended.
  • Carry the necessary clothing, food, and equipment.
  • Rope up on all exposed places and for all glacier travel. Anchor all belays.
  • Keep the party together, and obey the leader or majority rule.
  • Never climb beyond your ability and knowledge.
  • Never let judgment be overruled by desire when choosing the route or turning back.
  • Leave the trip schedule with a responsible person.
  • Follow the precepts of sound mountaineering as set forth in textbooks of recognized merit.
  • Behave at all times in a manner that will reflect favorably upon mountaineering and The Mountaineers.