Winter Scrambling Seminar


Winter Scrambling Seminar - Mountaineers Seattle Program Center

This seminar is for recent Alpine Scrambling course graduates who are now eligible for winter scrambles. This seminar will focus on trip planning, snow gear, winter weather and avalanche forecasting, and other winter specific scramble information.

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Seattle Program Center room Goodman A &B 6:30-8:00

Winter Scrambling Seminar 

Intended for graduates of either the Scrambling course or the Basic Climbing course who are looking for more information about going on Winter Scrambles. Experienced winter scramblers willing to share what they've learned are welcome too, just sign up as a participant and help contribute tips and tricks to the seminar's open format.
The goal of this seminar is to address the challenges of going on Winter Scrambles. Topics include how Winter Scrambles differ from Snow Scrambles, the types of additional clothing & gear you'll probably need, how to deal with the challenges of unpredictable weather, the types of crampons you might need for some scrambles, what to look for when shopping for snowshoes, methods to stay warm, how to manage your water, avalanche gear you might need depending on conditions, route finding difficulties over snowy terrain, the emergency gear your group should carry in the winter, etc.  If there's time then overnight snow camping tips and tricks might be covered.  There will be plenty of time for all your winter scrambling questions.  Also please bring some paper and a pen to take notes. 

Mountaineers Seattle Program Center

Required Equipment

Required Equipment

No required equipment, but if you would like to bring some of your gear for discussion please do.

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