Ropes & Anchors Clinic

Field trip: Advanced Scramble Course

Ropes & Anchors Clinic - Mountaineers Seattle Program Center

The Ropes & Anchors Clinic is 1 of 4 modules for the Advanced Scramble Program

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  • Moderate

6pm - 9pm at the Seattle Program Center, Cascade rooms A & B

This clinic is for people wanting to learn and practice using ropes and setting up anchors for scrambling useful for leader and prospective trip leaders.
Topics include:
Leader kits to bring on scrambling trips
Descending kits for trip participants
Anchor materials
Anchor fundamentals
Protected downclimbing
Other topics depending on time

If you're a current Scrambling Trip Leader then please bring your rope "kit" which you bring on all your trips (if you have one).
If you're wanting to become a new Scramble Trip Leader then see this page for more information. 

The Ropes & Anchors Clinic is 1 of 4 modules for the Advanced Scramble Program. Group discussion and hands on practice will cover the appropriate use of ropes and anchors in the context of scramble outings.

Prerequisites: Scramble grad, Scramble Intense grad, Basic Climb grad or Scramble Equivalency


□ Gear Review

  • Leader Kits
  • Descending Kits
  • Anchor Materials 

□ Knot Review

  • Water
  • Double fisherman
  • Figure 8 / Figure 8 on a bite
  • Butterfly
  • Klemheist/Prusik
  • Girth Hitch 
  • Clove Hitch

□ Anchor Fundamentals

□ Hand Lines

□ Assisted Down Climbs


Mountaineers Seattle Program Center

Required Equipment

Required Equipment

  • Current Scramble Leaders: Leader Kits (Rope & Anchor Materials)
  • All Participants: Descending Kits 
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