Wilderness Skills Jan 30

Lecture: Wilderness Skills

Wilderness Skills Jan 30 - St. John’s Episcopal Church, Olympia

The second of two consecutive Saturdays required to graduate from the Wilderness Skills course includes: one-to-one gear review, backcountry hazards presentation, hands-on with shelter-fire-stoves-first aid kits-animal protection-sanitation, navigation exercises and challenge course.

  • For Beginners (Getting Started Series)

We meet at St. John's main Parish Hall. Setup and check in are at 7:00 a.m. Class begins AT 7:30.

Second Saturday EXPANDED VIEW Wilderness Skills

Outdoor Workshop and Challenge Course

Exact content and details may vary.

Day 2 check-in and setup (Class starts AT 7:30) 7:00 AM
10 Essentials+ Daypack gear check-in discussions in animal groups 7:30 AM
Intro and Overview for Day 2 8:00 AM
Safe water alternatives framed including chems/uv briefly described 8:15 AM
Essential Backcountry Skills: (1.a - Animal Protection 15m, 1.b -  Safe Water 15m), 2. Cook stoves & equipment 30m, 3. -  First Aid Kits 30m, 4. - Shelter 30m 8:45 AM
Break 9:30 AM
Essential Backcountry Skills (continued) 9:45 AM
EBS debrief and review for afternoon activities 10:45 AM
Navigation Refresher - in classroom 11:00 AM
Navigation Refresher - orientation course activity 11:30 AM
Carpool to Trailhead 12:00 PM
Challenge course - lunch on trail, scenarios, nav exercises 12:15 PM
Carpool to classroom 2:15 PM
Backcountry Foods/Nutrition 2:30 PM
Announcements/Info about courses and activities 3:30 PM
Course evaluation and closing 3:45 PM
Final group exercise (putting away tables and chairs 4:00 PM



St. John’s Episcopal Church, Olympia

Required Equipment

Required Equipment

Students will bring their daypacks with the ten essentials, lunch and other gear for time outside during small group activities and the challenge course. Compasses will also be very helpful although some loaner compasses will be available. Compasses and other gear will be discussed during the first Saturday (the preceding week).

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