Crosscut Saw

Resources that outline technical knowledge and basic skills for using and maintaining crosscut saws safely.

Crosscut Saw Training Coursebook, U.S. Forest Service

The U.S. Forest Service Chain Saw and Crosscut Saw Training Course Student Guidebook is the training manual used in the sawyer certification class.

PDF document icon Crosscut Saw Training Course.pdf — PDF document, 2.62 MB

Crosscut Sawyer Resource Materials

A list of online resources that may assist a student seeking U.S. Forest Service crosscut sawyer certification.

PDF document icon Crosscut Sawyer Resources 2020-07-21.pdf — PDF document, 89 KB

Sawyer Operational Complexity Evaluation OHLEC

The U.S. Forest Service operational complexity evaluation of Objective-Hazards-Leans/Binds-Escape Plans-Cut Plan (OHLEC) helps the sawyer develop a cutting strategy.

PDF document icon OHLEC 3-19.pdf — PDF document, 59 KB

U.S. Forest Service Crosscut Saw Evaluation

The form that the U.S. Forest Service uses to evaluate a crosscut sawyer's skills.

PDF document icon FS-Crosscut Eval.pdf — PDF document, 77 KB