Olympia Stewardship Awards and Recognition

Olympia Stewardship Awards and Recognition

Each year at the Awards Banquet, the Conservation and Stewardship Committee recognizes branch members for their spirit of stewardship and their contribution to protecting, preserving, and restoring our natural resources.

The Stewardship Achievement Award

This award may be given to branch members who participate in several stewardship or conservation programs over several years and who demonstrate leadership in stewardship and conservation projects.

Award Recipients

2019 Eileen Haydu
2018 Dawn Rorvik
2018 Regina Robinson
2017 Jennifer Fortin
2017 Meg Hunt
2016 Robert Sell
2015 Keith Arnold
2015 Sandy Shoultz
2014 Kathy Fox
2014 Rich Geier
2013 David Wilson
2012 Jon Ewen
2011 Joan Villa
2011 Lawrence R. Kent
2010 Marilyn Miller
2009 Ken Kimura
2008 Barbara Silverstein
2008 Michael Silverstein
2007 Eric Quinn
2007 Leslie Romer
2007 Bonnie Betts
2006 Jack Sisco
2006 Rich Curtis
2005 Mark Frye
2004 Barbara Tomford
2003 Paul Schaufler
2003 John Flanagan


The Frank Maranville Memorial Stewardship Award

The most prestigious award given by the branch honors Frank Maranville for his decades of perseverance and leadership in trail maintenance and conservation. The award is presented for long-term service to our public lands and our environment.

For decades Olympia Mountaineer member Frank Maranville demonstrated the epitome of leadership in climbing, setting first summit routes, teaching, and exploring. He also developed an enormous capacity for leadership in trail maintenance. He formed and nurtured the Mt. Rose Trail Crew, first with friends from the Olympia Mountaineers, then with his colleagues from his career as a Chemical Engineer in the timber products industry. With decades of service, at least twice weekly to the trails in Olympic National Forest and Park, Frank has left an unrivaled legacy. We have named our highest award for Frank.

Award Recipients

2019 (No award given)
2018 Robert Sell
2018 Jennifer Fortin
2017 Keith Arnold
2016 Ginger Sarver
2015 Kathy Fox
2014 Ken Kimura
2013 Marilyn Miller
2012 Barbara Silverstein
2012 Michael Silverstein
2011 Jack Sisco
2010 Leslie Romer
2009 Bonnie Betts
2008 Jim French
2007 Steve Payne
2006 Ed Henderson
2005 Paul Schaufler
2005 Rich Curtis
2004 Rick Silvan
2004 Ken Guza
2003 Paul Wiseman

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