Mushroom Weekend

Meany Lodge and the Puget Sound Mycological Society proudly present the 2017 Meany Mushroom Weekend, held annually on the 4th weekend of October, October 27-29. Registration opens August 1st and fills within 2 weeks every year.

Join The Mountaineers and Puget Sound Mycological Society at Meany Lodge for the annual Mushroom Weekend. It is the perfect place to learn about foraging in the northwest, using mushrooms in both in food and non-food ways.  You will experience various mushrooms served in a variety of entrees.

  Meet others who enjoy mushrooms as much as you do!  The weekend will conclude with kit for you of everything you will need for your mushroom meal at home.

If you are not a member, please fill out a free guest account on our membership page.

Weatherproof mushroom keys and books will be available for purchase.

 Information: or 206 525 7464

The Guest Speaker will be Tom Keller

He has been an amateur mycologist since 1982 when with his wife, Karen  they took lessons in propagating mushroom spore growth.  They took culture samples, using a scalpel to cut a small piece of mushroom to put in Petri dishes with agar.   They allowed everything to develop for a couple of weeks and were able to produce over thirty pounds of the Oyster mushrooms.  He is a member of the Puget Sound Mycological Society based in Seattle.  In addition, he has been a member of the national association, North American Mycological Association and has led many field trips in Washington, Oregon, California and British Columbia to find and identify mushrooms.

Guests can choose to stay both Friday and Saturday Night or do Saturday night only. Meals and workshops are included with lodge stay. When you pick Friday night you'll automatically have Saturday night bundled.


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Driving Directions


  • Drive I-90 to Exit 62 (Lake Kachees / Stampede Pass).
  • **Re-set trip odometer to 0.0 miles at four-way stop on the south side of the overpass (e.g. the eastbound I-90 side)**
  • 0 miles, head south on Stampede Pass Rd / FR54
  • 4 miles, cross Yakima River bridge
  • 0 miles, pavement ends
  • 2 miles, cross John Wayne bike trail, continue straight.
  • 5 miles, bear left at FR 420 (not marked). This road “drops down below” FR 54, and is a narrower road flanked by tall trees.
  • 3 miles, reach clearing under power lines.
  • 4 miles, cross creek culvert & take second right turn.
  • 5 miles, start uphill climb.
  • 9 miles, road levels with view of large wooden & metal utility poles.
  • 9 miles, follow road though a hard right right (almost 180 degrees) and quickly starts uphill.
  • 0 miles, reach train tracks, continue parallel to tracks.
  • 1 miles, at stop sign/RR Crossing, make left to cross train tracks
  • The trains are quiet and fast. Look both ways especially to your right
  • 1 miles, cross & turn right and to continue parallel to train tracks.
  • 1 miles + 100 feet, bear left, go up steep and narrow driveway.
  • 3 miles – reach Meany lodge, park anywhere there is space.