Camino Weekend at Meany Lodge - 10/4/19 to 10/6/19

Camino Weekend at Meany Lodge - 10/4/19 to 10/6/19

Experience walking the Camino de Santiago without traveling to Spain. Sheridan and Richard Botts will provide experiences and food like those on the pilgrimage. Meany Lodge will provide the housing. Find out more about this life changing pilgrimage or re-live your journey.

  • When: Fri, Oct 4, 2019 - Sun, Oct 6, 2019
  • Committee: Meany Lodge


Adult member (age 14+) $60.00
Adult non-member (age 14+) $60.00
Youth member (age 13-) $60.00
Youth non-member (age 13-) $60.00

Camino pilgrims Sheridan and Richard Botts and host a weekend at Meany Lodge to experience what it is like to hike, eat, and sleep like a pilgrim on the Camino de Santiago. Richard will cook delicious meals including café con leche, Spanish tortilla, salad, soup, fish, roast chicken, French fries, red wine, flan, and Santiago cake.

On Friday night, arrive after 5:00. We will show the documentary "Six Ways to Santiago." On Saturday, there are hikes in the morning and afternoon, socializing, making earrings or pendants with scallop shell charms, and an evening presentation and panel discussion. On Sunday morning, there is a third hike, then you can depart for home.



Please identify dietary restrictions in the Dietary Notes section of the registration.

For staying at the lodge, bring a sleeping bag, pillow, towel, toiletries, and lodge shoes (sandals or slippers). You may also want to bring reading material, jewelry making supplies, wine or beer to share, and earplugs for sleeping. If you have walked the Camino, bring pictures or other materials to share your experiences.

For the hikes, bring a flashlight (for walking through a tunnel), knapsack or backpack, water bottle, hiking shoes or boots. You may also want to bring hiking poles.

Driving directions to Meany Lodge in the fall:

  • Take I-90 east, over Snoqualmie Pass, to Exit 62.
  • Get off on Exit 62 (Lake Kachess/Stampede Pass).
  • Re-set trip odometer or GPS device to 0.0 miles at four-way stop at the top of the exit ramp.
  • Turn right (south) at stop sign. You are now on FR 54.
    • At 0.4 miles, cross over the Yakama River bridge and continue straight.
    • At 1.0 miles, the pavement ends.
    • At 1.2 miles, cross the Palouse to Cascades (Iron Horse) trail and continue straight on FR 54 Stampede Pass Road.
  • At 1.5 miles, look for a "Reduce Speed" sign on the right. On the left, across from the sign, bear left onto FR 420, a narrower road flanked by tall trees.
    • At 2.3 miles, the road crosses a clearing under power lines. Continue straight.
    • At 2.4 miles, cross a creek culvert.
  • At the intersection just after the culvert, make second right
    • At 2.5 miles, the road goes on an uphill climb.
    • At 2.9 miles, the road levels and you will see three wooden and one metal electric utility poles.
  • Follow the road which makes a hard right just after wooden poles and in front of metal one, (almost 180 degrees) and quickly starts uphill.
  • At 3.0 miles, the road comes up parallel to train tracks.
  • At 3.1 miles, turn left and stop at the RR Crossing. The tracks are active, with trains coming downhill fast and quiet. Look and listen both ways especially to your right. Quickly cross the train tracks.
  • After crossing, turn right and parallel to tracks.
  • At 3.1 miles and 100 feet, bear left and go up steep and narrow driveway.
  • At 3.3 miles you reach Meany lodge!
  • Drive to the right of the lodge and park.
  • The entrance to the lodge is on the far end of the building.