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Sea Kayaking Course

Intermediate Sea Kayaking

Learn new paddling skills which will enable you to explore more complex waters

  • Do you want to learn to paddle efficiently in wind and waves,  play in swift currents, or paddle on the coast in the surf and amongst the rocks?  This "course" will consist of several modules, each scheduled separately, wherein you will learn the skills to be an intermediate sea kayaker.

To be designated an intermediate sea kayaker, you will demonstrate ability to


  • be able to roll consistently
  • paddle effectively in 20 kt winds and 2 ft seas
  • be comfortable paddling in 4 kt currents
  • be able to launch and land in 3 ft surf
  • be able to paddle at 4 knots for 30 minutes 
  • be able to paddle 20 nm in a day 
  • be able to demonstrate competency in navigation, incident management, and trip planning.

A paddler who demonstrates the above skills / knowledge will be designated an "Intermediate Sea Kayaker."

To enable paddlers to gain the requisite skills / knowledge this  "course" will consist of several modules which will be separately calendared.  This modules will include Wind and Waves, Intro to Currents, Intro to Surf, Advanced Kayak Navigation, Incident Management, Trip Planning, and Rolling clinics.

Course Requirements

This course has no scheduled activities.

Required Equipment
  • sea kayak with floatation in both ends
  • redundant floatation (floatation bags
  • paddle and spare
  • pfd
  • sprayskirt
  • paddle float
  • drysuit
  • appropriate insulative layers 
  • appropriate footwear
  • gloves
  • helmet
  • vhf radio
  • towbelt
  • applicable charts
  • flares (as required by USCG)
  • waterproof watch
  • all of the other kayak essentials not listed above
  • recommended gear includes:  parallel rulers, dividers, and small boat chart aid
Course Materials

There are no materials for this course.