Basic Climbing Course   - Kitsap - 2018

Climbing Course

Basic Climbing Course

Basic Climbing Course - Kitsap

Contact Ralph Wessels, Co-Chair Kitsap Basic Climbing Course, for course information.; (253) 857-5658. 

Thank you for your interest in joining the 2018 Basic Climbing Course offered by the Kitsap Branch of the Mountaineers.  As a basic climbing student, you will meet interesting and goal-oriented people that all share a common interest - mountaineering.  The course is a combination of classroom and field sessions that prepare you for climbing rock, snow, and glaciers.  The course is taught by experienced mountaineers that share their knowledge and time as volunteers.  Students will progressively gain knowledge and technical skills throughout the class and ultimately apply them to actual climbs.  The course will utilize the book, Freedom of the Hills, 9th Edition as part of the instruction.  Classes will be held at the Kitsap Cabin in Bremerton.  Field sessions will occur at a variety of locations to meet the specific training. 

For insight about the course from a past student, please read the blog at the following link.

The climbing course involves a commitment of time both in and outside of the scheduled classes and field trips for learning about mountaineering and climbing, developing technical abilities, and conditioning. 

Cancellation from the course will incur a $100 fee prior to registration closure. Cancellation after registration has closed will result in partial or no refund, subject to the Chair's decision.

Please consider the time commitment, course schedule, and cancellation policy before registering. 

Participants must be members of the Mountaineers.  Graduation requirements include the following:

  • Participants have up to 2 years to complete the course
  • Attend all classroom sessions
  • Satisfactorily complete all field sessions
  • Obtain the gear by the date required.
  • Pass all skills tests
  • Pass a conditioning test
  • Complete 3 climbs consisting of one rock, one glacier, and one of either rock, alpine, or glacier
  • Complete a separate Navigation course (~ $70)
  • Complete a separate Wilderness First Aid or Mountain-Oriented First Aid course (~ $170)
  • Fulfill a Stewardship activity


Badges you will earn:

Course Requirements
Course Activity Date Availability Leader
Basic Climbing Class #5
Mountaineers Kitsap Program Center
Wed, May 1, 2019
Registration closed May 3
11 participants
2 instructors
Crevasse Rescue Ground School
Kitsap Memorial State Park
Sat, May 4, 2019
Registration closed May 2
10 participants
4 instructors
Basic Mountaineering Snow 2 Field Trip
Mount Baker Recreation Area
Sat, May 25, 2019
Registration closed May 23
9 participants
4 instructors
Required Equipment
  • Helmet
  • Climbing harness with belay loop
  • Mountaineering boots (not hiking boots)
  • Non-locking carabiners (6 - wire gates are best, not minis)
  • Locking carabiner pear shaped (1)
  • Locking carabiner - oval or D-shaped (3)
  • Approved belay device (i.e., Petzl Reverso 4 or Black Diamond ATC Guide)
  • Chock pick
  • Belay gloves (big box leather gloves work)
  • 10 essentials (see info on approved compasses)
  • Overnight pack (suggest 60 to 75 liter)
  • Day pack (suggest 35 to 40 liter, can also use Overnight pack)
  • Ice axe (sized appropriately) with leash
  • Crampons - 12 point steel with horizontal front points that fit your boots
  • Snow shovel (metal, not plastic)
  • Picket - 24" aluminum
  • Rescue pulley - prusik minding (will have square shoulders)
  • Appropriate clothing
  • Camping items that fit into pack
  • Slings, webbing, and perlon cord (we will go over what is needed in class)
  • Snow shoes (can be rented or borrowed too)


Course Materials
Name/Description Type
Class 1 and FT 1

Class 2 and FT 2

Class 3 and FT 3

Class 4 and FT's 4 & 5

Class 5 and FT's 6 & 7