Compressed Alpine Scrambling Course - Foothills (Eastside) - 2018

Scrambling Course

Compressed Alpine Scrambling Course

This course covers the same curriculum of skills as the regular Scramble Course, but over the span of one weekend.

The Compressed Alpine Scramble Course (CASC) allows students to learn the same skills as the standard course, but with instruction taking place over one evening lecture, a full weekend (Sat/Sun), and an Experience Field Trip (Sat).  (The Foothills version of CASC does not require a lodge stay as we'll be using sites in the Snoqualmie corridor.)  You will learn safe off-trail travel in both snow and rock and how to use an ice ax in to arrest allowing you to reach the majority of the peaks in the Cascades.  

Due to the challenges of CASC an application is required and students are expected to demonstrate excellent physical conditioning – such as being able to achieve 2,000 feet in elevation gain in a reasonable time with a pack in each of two consecutive days as well as other strenuous physical activities during the field trips. One test is hiking Mt. Si in 2 hours or less with a pack carrying 15% of your bodyweight.  Due to the timing of this course, students will have to sign up for Wilderness Navigation and Wilderness First Aid early in the season.

TO APPLY: email the leader with a description of your outdoor experience, your recent level of conditioning, and any other intensive weekend classes you may have taken.  Students waitlisted in other programs are being given priority registration, but after registration opens, applications will be approved in order received.

If we have sufficient instructors, we will expand the available student slots up to a max of 24.  Priority will be given to waitlisted students in already filled scramble classes.

Course Requirements

This course has no scheduled activities.

Required Equipment
  1. 10 Essentials
  2. Climbing Helmet
  3. Ice Axe
  4. Mountaineering Boots
  5. Crampons (for snow and experience field trips - can be rented)


Course Materials
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2019 Foothills Compressed Alpine Scrambling Student Handbook

2019 Foothills Compressed Alpine Scrambling Student Handbook

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