In-town Workshop

Lecture: Compressed Alpine Scrambling Course

In-town Workshop - Crossroads Park & Community Center

This will a half day lecture to cover course requirements, gear, and an associated NWAC Avalanche Awareness class

  • For Beginners (Getting Started Series)


We will address course requirements, expectations, and gear and talk about what exactly scrambling is, while you get to know your fellow students and instructors.  We will also hand out downclimbing kits and show you how to use them.  You will have a chance to look at Instructors' gear and ask questions.  The event will finish with an Avalanche Awareness Lecture by NWAC for students that have not already attended one of these seminars (and have the badge),


Crossroads Park & Community Center

Required Equipment

Required Equipment

Bring any gear that you want feedback on

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