Wilderness Navigation - Instructor Map & Compass and/or  GPS Audit

Lecture: Wilderness Navigation - Instructor Training

Wilderness Navigation - Instructor Map & Compass and/or GPS Audit - Online Classroom

This is an optional, no cost activity for registered WildNav Instructors who wish to review (audit) the eLearning Map & Compass and/or GPS material.

COVID-19: Learn about our most up-to-date guidance for participants and leaders on our COVID-19 Response page. All participants and leaders must agree to the COVID-19 Code of Conduct before participating in this Mountaineers activity.
  • Casual
  • Map & Compass, you will receive an email from the Litmos eLearning platform once your name is added to the system.  
  • GPS, course content is managed via a link to Google Docs. You'll receive this link via a welcome email.  

 You must be enrolled as an instructor in one Wilderness Navigation activity in order to take part in this activity.  

These are self-paced; no cost activities. There are no homework or even completion requirements. It is strictly an optional activity for instructors to refresh.

Requires Wilderness Navigation course lead permission to take part.  

Required Equipment

Required Equipment

Optional, dependent upon how closely you want to follow course content.  

  • Baring Map - downloadable pdf located in "Course Materials" folder on the  Wilderness Navigation (Students & Instructors) course landing page.  
  • Compass with adjustable declination,
  • Burns & Burns Wilderness Navigation book, USGS Baring map
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