Navigation Activity (4 of 4) - Field Trip: Students & Instructors

Field trip: Wilderness Navigation Course

Navigation Activity (4 of 4) - Field Trip: Students & Instructors - Raging River State Forest

Wilderness Navigation Field Trip - Students and instructors

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Before you can sign up for this Field Trip as a student, you must have signed up and paid for the "Wilderness Navigation Course - Foothills"  have scheduled the following prerequisite components:

  • Online Map & Compass
  • Online GPS
  • Online Workshop

All three components must be finished before the field trip. Instructors do not pay a course fee.  

This is a full day event at the Raging River site near the intersection i-90 and State Hwy 18. 

During the Field Trip, students will be required to hike through an off-trail section of the forest. The terrain is fairly steep in a few locations. There are fallen trees you must climb over, brush you must push through and a stream to cross. Most students find this lots of fun, but some with limited agility may find it difficult. NOTE: The whole point of this course is "off-trail navigation". So we go off trail!

Students should be prepared to spend the day in the woods in the rain or sometimes snow.  


  1. You'll need to be in reasonable physical condition since you'll be gaining about 800 ft of elevation and 4.0 miles of hiking (0.5+ miles being off trail). 
  2. Bring the Required Equipment. Come prepared as you would for a scramble or hike in varied weather, but please leave the technical gear (helmet, ice axe, etc) at home. Bring over-the-ankle high-top boots, a waterproof outer layer, warm clothes in layers, the 10 essentials, lunch, etc. The Course Materials and Required Equipment tabs provide more information. 
  3. All materials (maps, exercises, ziplock bags, etc.) will be provided at the trail head. 
  4. Bring your compass. Unfortunately you can't share a compass with someone during the Field Trip.  
  5. Smartphone with Gaia GPS installed with a downloaded map of the site. Directions on loading the map will be provided in your "Hello Navigators - Field Trip" email. Ensure that your device is checked and ready e.g. fully charged battery, screen works, weather proofing etc.  
  6. Standalone altimeter (calibrated at the trailhead) or smartphone altitude function within Gaia GPS.
  7. Bring a sharp pencil(s). A Rite in the Rain waterproof notebook could be handy but not required.
  8. Current declination set on the compass and confirmed.
  9. An understanding of emergency communications procedures and devices are understood.
  10. Emergency communications device on hand (minimum whistle)

Come prepared to instruct students who likely have a wide range of experience:

  1.  Review your  "Instructor Field Trip" packet a link will be provided. Hard copies will be provided at the field trip.  
  2. Bring your compass, GPS and Altimeter.


instructors will earn:


Raging River State Forest

Required Equipment

Required Equipment

See the Required Equipment tab on the Course Page. 

Trip Reports