Leader Resources

Documentation, presentations, and guidance all related to current and future Trail Running Leaders.
Foothills Trail Running Leader's Guide

This Trail Running Leader’s Guide is designed to provide the few mandatory rules and many suggestions for leaders of Mountaineers trail running activities. It reflects the Mountaineers policies and procedures for outdoor activity leaders. We appreciate your willingness to lead activities for programs, and welcome you to our pool of volunteer leaders. This guide will acquaint you with the policies, procedures and expectations set forth by the trail running committee for safe and successful programs. If you have questions concerning any of the information presented here please don’t hesitate to contact committee members for additional clarification.

New Trail Running Leader Seminar(Frontcountry)

A resource and guide for those looking to lead Trail Running within the Mountaineers. Also the deck used for our Trail Running Leader Seminar. Objectives: -Understand the roles and objectives of a leader in the Mountaineers -Understand the expectations and best-practices of organizing and managing a trip -Learn leadership best practices and apply them in scenarios -Review next steps to become a Leader for the Mountaineers