Everett Sea Kayak Committee Meeting

Planning and Update Meeting for all interested sea kayakers

Who is invited?  

All that are interested in the topics, the committee, or the community. This is a volunteer organization and only survives and thrives by the involvement of everyone.  Don't worry...if you come you won't be loaded down with assignments and work....unless you accept them willingly.


  • 2017 Basic Course Review 
  • 2018 Basic Course: Dates, Planning, Discussion and Soliciting ideas to improve the content and conduct of the course
  • Discussion and education about the new Everett Sea Kayak Intermediate Course
  • Sea Kayakers Code of Conduct
    • Review, discuss, revise, approve
  • Equivalency Application Protocol
    • Review, discuss, revise, approve
  • Trip Leader Development Process
    • Review, discuss, develop, approve
  • Holiday Party
    • December 17, Sunday, 4PM at the Coady's
  • Baker Lake
    • Propose July 13-15, 2018
  • Wilderness First Aid Courses-
    • Should this be requirement for leaders? 
    • Branch will reimburse cost (for current leaders)
  • Sea Kayak Summit
    • 2/10/18 in Seattle
    • Who will attend with me?
  • Other old or new business as requested or desired by members and attendees (send me your ideas).

Please RSVP through this website (see button on right).

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Philip Groening
Philip Groening says:
Thu, Sep 21, 2017 10:23 AM

Sorry, can not attend this meeting. Although I am very interested in participating in an intermediate sea kayak course.