Everett Mountaineers Sea Kayak Annual Baker Lake Weekend

Weekend campout, potluck and fun at Horseshoe Cover Campground at Baker Lake

Join the Everett Sea Kayak community for a fun weekend at Horseshoe Cove Campground at Baker Lake.  Family and friends are invited.  We visit, hike, ride bikes, walk dogs, paddle, read, sleep, and other stuff. There will be a group potluck on Saturday night, 7/14/18. 

Reservations for individual campsites go fast so make sure you get on the website 6 months (January 13, 2018) before your arrival date and reserve your spot.  We typically try to reserve spots on the loop with campsites #6 through #20.  Many folks share their campsites.

Make your own reservations.  Please let Ginger Stackpole ginger.stackpole@gmail.com  know which site you reserve. She keeps track of who and what is going on.  We typically end up sharing some campsites.  Not required but it allows a space for people with tents or last minute participants.  Ginger can be reached at 425-232-9777 also.

This is not a formal Mountaineer sponsored kayak trip.  You are free to do what you want to including "nothing". If you do plan to join others on a lake paddle on Saturday please come prepared with appropriate essentials and clothing.