Basic Trail Maintenance Class

Participants will learn: Saftey on a trail maintenance work party, types of tools used, types of maintenance needed on a trail and the techinque used.

   The day will include: Hiking around 1-3 miles,  kneeling, lifting, pulling, pushing, digging, chopping. Also standing and/or sitting on the ground for disscusions and breaks.

   GOAL OF THE DAY: To have a better understanding of trails and why maintenance is important. Learn and use techniques used to maintain trails. 

   EXPECTATIONS OF LEADERS: To teach and/or instruct, in a safe manner,the basics of trail maintenance.

   EXPECTATIONS OF PARTICIPANTS: Show up on time, be aware of saftey issues, have all the gear required, be prepared for what the day will include.

A STEWARDSHIP WORK PARTY PURPOSE : Be safe, Have fun, Get some work done.

Map link;,VE,BX,L,LA&shading=hill&og=44&n=z

Day pack; Longsleeve work shirt, long pants, sturdy boots and gaiters, gardening type gloves and eye protection; Essentials as for any trip into the back country; Extra colths for the day and after the day; Lunch, snacks and drink.

Provided; Helmets, tools and map.

Required: multiple activities scheduled, students choose one

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